You've Been BOOed! 👻

Did you ever play “Ding Dong Ditch” when you were a kid? Well, this fun Halloween tradition not only let you do it, but it’s encouraged, and I promise they won’t get mad! It’s "You've Been BOOed" -- a new tradition that your whole family can get into.  

So what is it?

You’ve Been BOOed, is a great way to create fun family memories and an inviting community. It can be done with a neighborhood, a friend group or both. It’s simple and easy and can be delivered any day leading up to Halloween or even on Halloween.

 Boo BasketPhoto by @ashchaber

So how does it work?

  • Fill two baskets with goodies.
  • Download our BOO packet that includes the letter and We've been BOOed sign and make two copies.
  • Choose two neighbors who have not already been BOOed and make a BOO bag for them. Include treats, this letter, and a Boo sign.
  • Look for someone who doesn’t have a BOO sign and when your neighbors aren’t around, ring the doorbell and Ding Dong Ditch, but don’t forget to leave the BOO Basket for them.
  • Don’t forget when you get BOOed to hang the BOO sign on your front door so everyone can see that you have already been Booed.


Photo by @ashchaber 


When my kids were little, they loved getting BOOed and BOOing their neighborhood friends. Our whole neighborhood got involved; all those who were participating would step up a station at their home. Things like cookie decorating, play dough making, painting trick or treat bags and mine and the kids favorite, making goodie bags for our elderly neighbors. I was always the stop that made ooey gooey spooky Rice Krispy Treats. When we were all done, the kids would take their BOO bags with and deliver them to two house they picked from a hat. And since everyone was out ding dong dashing you never saw who was dropping off goodies at your house so when the kids got home they had treats waiting for them. Of course, when the night was coming to an end all the kids would sit in the cul-de-sac and try and figure out who ‘ding dong and dashed them.

 Fast forward 10 years later, we’ve since moved to Texas and had a little guy who is now 3  years old and of course we are ready to make some Halloween memories with him. Even if he doesn’t quite get what everyone’s talking about, he will love the fun hanging out in the kitchen with his sissy and tata making ooey gooey spooky Rice Krispy Treats to give to our neighbors.


Photo by @ashchaber

Need some inspiration? Check out our friend Ashley’s BOO basket—so cute.

Mini favor size play dough kit from @paytonparkeplaykits
Mummy wrapped madeleines from @sugarbowlbakery
Lollipops and stickers from @dollartree
Trick or treat yourself koozie from @target
You’ve been booed free printable pennant from

 Here are some other fun ideas of things you can include. These are just suggestions. I encourage you to use your imagination and come up with something that makes your treat special and brings joy to your friends and neighbors.


Boo Party Pennants, T-shirts, Candy, Candy Apples, glow sticks, Individual servings of pretzels, potato chips, nuts, cookies, raisins, fruit snacks, stickers, themed erasers, Mini microwave popcorn bags, temporary tattoos, fun straw, balloons, bubbles, pencils, books, and remember to individually wrap treats if you’re making them, really anything goes!!

 Photo by Little Color Co.

Grab your Boo Basket from our friends at Little Color Co. Jen handcrafts the cuties signs and décor.

Don’t forget the Target’s Bullseye Playground has a wide variety of Halloween goodies to put inside these cute little woven baskets.







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