Life Cycle Board


The life cycle tray is the perfect way for little ones to learn about the different stages of an animal's life cycle. With four different sections, each representing a different stage, children can place the animal figures on the tray and watch as they go through their life cycle. The fun design makes learning about these amazing creatures enjoyable and engaging.

Not only is the Life Cycle Tray a great way to learn about biology, it's also a great way to develop fine motor skills. Your child will love placing the pieces in the tray and watching the animals change before their eyes.

Measures 10 ¾ in. L X 8 ½  in. W 

The tray is made from cross-grained solid hardwood Maple, finished with 100% food-safe water repelling beeswax. 

Included: Lifecycle Board, and calico bag.

WOOD AND COLOR VARIATIONS: Wood is a natural resource; therefore,  wood products may vary in color, texture, and grain. Wood characteristics naturally occurring such as variations in color, grain, mineral streaks, pinholes, and knots are not considered defects or damage. Color variations in  wood products are also a natural occurrence due to species, region of growth, age, etc. Because of variations caused by nature, Wild Timber Co. has no control over the color texture or grain of the wood.