How much assembly is required?

  • Our Primer Climbers come fully assembled! All you have to do is take it out of the box and have your little one ready to play! For the handy person in your life, we do carry an assembly required Primer Climber. Everything you need to assemble it will be in the box!

I was wondering if the nude Primer Climber comes sealed?

  • The nude finish does not come sealed, but the rungs, however, do. They are sealed in a water-based low VOC sealer.

What is your typical turnaround time?

  • Our turnaround time can be found on the product page directly underneath the description.

If I send in a picture of a Pikler I want built, can you build it?

  • No, we do not construct other people's designs. Emmi Pikler inspires the Pikler designs that we make! We simply put our little twist on how we assemble and create them!

What are the full dimensions of the unfolded triangle?

  • Our small Primer Climber open is 29’’ from open leg to open leg on the bottom, 29’’ tall from floor to peak, and 26’’ wide from leg to leg. The only difference between the small and large Primer Climber is 38’’ from open leg to open leg and 38’’ tall from floor to peak.

Do you offer a special price for the set of 3 (Primer Climber, Arch Rocker, Reversible Ladder)?

  • We sadly do not offer bundles currently at this time!

Do you offer local pickup

  • Yes, we are located in McKinney Texas, our pick up times are M-F 3 pm-9 pm and Saturdays by appointment only. We do not offer pickup on Sundays.

The maximum weight for the small triangle is 75 pounds and the maximum weight for the large triangle is also 75 pounds. Is that correct?

  • Yes! Because they are both constructed the same way, the only difference in them is the number of rungs and the measurement in height and width when open!

Do you have a guarantee on your Primer Climber?

  • Unfortunately, we can not guarantee the proper care of our Primer Climbers. We expect normal wear and tear, but abuse can happen. Because of this, we do not have a guarantee on our Primer Climbers. We also do not offer repairs/damage for "any reason," nor do we recommend repairing ANY wooden toy because you can not guarantee the wood's stability once it has been repaired.